• A room (a house) is been provided to citizens in the presence of a passport or a document that replaces it, completed application form and payment form of accommodation cost.
  • Foreign citizens and stateless persons (foreigners) settle are been conducted on the general grounds based on the national passports of foreigners, or documents certifying their identity. The procedure for registration of national passports of foreigners been determined by the current legislation of Ukraine.
  • The administrator has the right to make a copy of the identity document
  • Documents (passports or other documents) not accepted by the farmstead as collateral.

How to book rooms and pay for hotel services?

  • The farmstead administration makes a pre-booking and an invoice for prepayment. The invoice is valid for two days.
  • The minimum prepayment amount is 30% of the total cost of living. May increased at the discretion of the administrator.
  • Check-in - 14:00. Check-out - 12:00
  • When staying less than 24 hours, payment is made in full settlement day, according to check-in and check-out time
  • Early check-in from 00:00 until 06:00 has paid additionally at a rate of 100% of the cost of the stay
  • Early check-in from 06:00 to 14:00 is payable at an additional cost of 50% of the cost of stay
  • Late check-out from 12:00 to 18:00 is payable additionally at a rate of 50% of the cost of stay
  • Late check-out after 18:00 to 00:00 is paid additionally at a rate of 100% of the cost of stay
  • The prepayment is not refundable and cannot been transferred to other dates.
  • Making a prepayment means accepting the rules of residence in the farmstead, located on the site.
  • Minimum stay is 2 days.

Rights and responsibilities of citizens living in the farmstead

  • Guests living in the homestead are required to comply with the "Rules of Residence", fire safety rules, as well as other regulatory documents and legislation of Ukraine.
  • Priority in rooms and places, if any are provided to Heroes of Ukraine, persons were awarded the Order of Glory of three degrees, persons awarded with four or more medals "For Bravery", disabled veterans, disabled persons of the first group and the person accompanying them, ATO participants.
  • In the first place provided (if there are available rooms): veterans of war, invalids of the second group, as well as citizens classified in the first and second categories in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On the status and social protection of citizens who suffered as a result of the Chernobyl disaster".

Citizens living in a farmstead forbidden:

  • Bring and keep in room substances, materials and items that are dangerous to life and health and to the safety of property
  • Invite to the farmstead of persons who do not live there, and give them the key of the room
  • Smoking of tobacco products of electronic cigarettes and hookahs in rooms, corridors, lobby and restaurant, playground, baths, swimming pool, tennis court, sports ground prohibited. Smoking allowed in specially designated places.
  • Use heaters, electric teapots, extension cords, etc., that are not included in the room or house.
  • Strictly forbidden to take photos or video of other guests without personal consent.

The internal order of residence of guests in the farmstead

  • Compliance with the internal regulations in the estate controlled by the administrator who gives the guests consultation on the rules of residence, accepts comments on the work of the staff of the farmstead.
  • It is necessary to adhere silence from 21:00 to 09:00 in the farmstead. At this time, nobody allowed to loud music, a TV on a large volume, screams, car tones, etc.
  • Room cleaning carried out once every 3 days.
  • If the guest repeatedly violates the rules of stay in the farmstead, which leads to material damage or creates inconveniences for other guests, the administrator has the right to make an eviction. The payment does not return.

The farmstead has the right to refuse to settle in the following cases::

  • The consumer does not have documents, or documents are invalid or overdue, there is a suspicion that documents are fake;
  • The visitor is untidy, dirty appearance, he is in a drunken state, inadequately, aggressively behaves;
  • The number of guests arrived more than declared for accommodation in a room or home, children considered as adults;
  • The visitor refuses to adhere to the rules of residence in the farmstead;
  • Guests arrived with an animal that was not previously agreed; an animal has no vaccinations, a passport or looks sick;
  • The visitor listed as undesirable;
  • In other cases, provided by the legislation of Ukraine.
  • In disputed cases, the issue resolves administration of the farmstead.

The farmstead should provide:

  • Conditions for a relaxing vacation;
  • Safety of stay and confidentiality of information about the person living;
  • Professionalism in providing services;
  • Room cleaning or repair work at the moment of absence of the person who living or with his permission;
  • Proper technical service, in case of impossibility to eliminate the damage, provide another room;
  • The completeness and serviceability of the equipment in the room, as well as the quality of the preparation of rooms for settlement.
  • Emergency call in case of need;
  • Delivery to the number of correspondence;
  • Wake at a certain time;
  • storing in the hotel safe of the values of the consumer, with the exception of weapons and prohibited items;
  • call a taxi.

Citizens, in identifying deficiencies in the service provided, are entitled to:

  • Require elimination of deficiencies, as defined by the legislation of Ukraine and other normative acts.
  • Terminate the contract and claim damages if in the service provided was not removed deficiencies.

The order of residence of animals in the farmstead:

  • Animals in the estate can only be agree with the administrator before making a prepayment.
  • Before the agreement, the owner must provide the following information: the presence of vaccinations, the presence of a passport, the name of the animal, size, weight, features of keeping animals, etc, which will be necessary for the administrator, to make a decision on placement. The administrator has the right to request information in writing, by e-mail.
  • The administrator has the right to refuse placement with the animals without explaining the reasons during the agreement.
  • While staying with the animal. The owner must ensure that the animals do not create inconvenience for other residents of the farmstead.
    • For feeding pets, the guest is obliged to bring with him special dishes.
    • For a toilet of animals, the guest is obliged to bring with him special trays.
    • Strictly forbidden to feed pets from the dishes belonging to the farmstead.
    • In the absence of a special cage for a pet, prohibited to leave pets without the supervision of the owners in the room or at home.
    • Forbidden to wash your pets in shower rooms, use for pet towels, sheets and other bedding belonging to the farmstead.
    • Forbidden to comb pets in rooms and houses.
    • The guest is obliged to ensure the absence of a pet when cleaning the room by staff or carrying out repairs in the room.
    • The administrator has the right to request the restriction of animals (leash, muzzle) without explanation of the reasons.
  • The administrator has the right to refuse the guests at stay in the room with the animals if the necessary documents for the animal are not provided, the animal looks sick (the decision is taken by the veterinarian recommended by the administrator of the farmstead), the animal behaves inadequately or prevents other residents. Prepayment does not return.
  • In the event of damage to the animal property of the estate, the owners must compensate for the full cost. (Property spoiled/marked by urine is updated/paid by 100%)

Swimming Pool Rules:

  • Minors without a parent or a responsible person cannot be on the territory of pool and directly in the pool.
  • Responsibility for the safety of children is the responsibility of the parents.
  • The visitor, who is familiar with the Rules, is responsible for his own safety in the swimming pool.

Strictly prohibited:

  • Drink alcoholic beverages, stay in the pool and on the territory of the entire farmstead in the state of alcohol, narcotic or toxic intoxication.
  • To do the physiological needs to the pool (regardless of age).
  • Jump from steps and poolside into the water.
  • Swim in clothes that not designed for swimming in the pool.
  • Leave children without parental supervision.
  • Wash in a pool with hygiene products.
  • Use loudly obscene language.
  • Argue with the administrator and not follow their recommendations.
  • To throw away garbage not in designated areas, deliberately pollute the water in the pool, spoil property and greenery.
  • Visitors with infectious or skin diseases cannot use the pool.

The procedure compensation for damage:

  • In case of causing significant material damage, due to the fault of the guest, the latter must repay all material losses, as well as all expenses associated with the downtime and compensations for other guests (including those who could not stay because of the damage).
  • If, due to the guest's stay, the room or the house requires special cleaning, the guest will be charge an additional payment, the size of which is determined depending on the degree of pollution.